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SanSwiss AG data protection conditions
for using of SanSwiss portals

We welcome you on our website.
The access and using of this website is subject to the following conditions.

Intellectual property rights

All authorship and other intellectual propery rights to all texts, images and other data contained on this website belong to the SanSwiss AG.

The entire content of this website which is marked with the brand name or logo is under the SanSwiss AG regis-tered trade mark.

The information from this website can be downloaded or printed for private usage only. All property rights remain with the SanSwiss AG. Copying, reproduction, changing, linking or commercial usage of the website is without a prior written consent of the SanSwiss AG prohibited.

The misuse of brand names which are included on this wesite or of other content is strictly prohibited. We strongly warn that the SanSwiss AG will enforce its intellectual property rights with all legal instruments.

By allowing to access this website and by enabling its usage the SanSwiss AG does not give you or the third parties any copyright or property rights.

No warranty and no liability

The SanSwiss AG does its best to provide an accurate information; nevertheless we do not undertake explicitly or implicitly any liability or warranty for the accuracy and completeness of the information on this website and we repudiate any liability or responsibility for both direct and indirect damages, costs, losses or claims from liabilities which could be caused by the access to this website or by its using.

Furthermore, the SanSwiss AG does not undertake any liability or responsibility for losses originated in connection with viruses which might eventually attack your computer systems or other means after using the content of this website, retrieving or downloading the content. Downloading of the content of this website is on principle at own liability.

Within legally set rules the SanSwiss AG and its accountable persons waive all damage claims in consequence with using or access to this website.

Links to other websites

This website may include links to other websites or it can eventually be opened through links from other websites on which the SanSwiss AG exercises no influence. The SanSwiss AG undertakes no responsibility for accessibility through the content of other websites and does not anwer for damages or losses ensued from using of this content or this access. Any link to other website serves just for an easy access to this website.

Applicability of the law and competence of court

Any disputable cases or claims which may ensue from using of this website are subject to the Swiss court. The competence of court is Balsthal (Solothurn) Switzerland only.

Changes of conditions for using

We reserve the right to change or correct these conditions for using anytime. The binding version of these conditions for you as a user of this website is the revised version. Therefore we recommend you to regularly visit this website so that you know the current conditions for using.


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Company management

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