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Shower enclosures from SanSwiss

+Product category (Shower enclosures)
+Door type (Pivot door, outside opening)
  • Pivot door, outside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel, outside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside and inside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel, outside and inside opening
  • Swing door, outside opening
  • Swing door, outside and inside opening
+Profile color
+Construction (without frame)
+Model range
The shower enclosure is one of the most important pieces of bathroom equipment, so we should choose well. It must be convenient to use for all its users, but we shouldn’t forget about its design either - the shower strikes the eye right away, so it must be an integral part of the decor. When browsing through shower enclosures, we should also look at the type of opening they have. Depending on our needs, the shower door can open in a different way, and for example, shower enclosures with pivot doors are very popular.

Outward opening doors - the biggest advantages

One of the undoubted advantages of such solution is that outward opening doors are wide. This makes them an ideal option if among our household members are the elderly or people with disabilities. But they won’t be the only ones who will appreciate the freedom of movement when entering and leaving the enclosure; such a shower cubicle will work well for basically any home.

Looking through the SanSwiss offer, we can find a lot of models with this type of opening. Like other enclosures from this manufacturer, they are perfect in any detail. They are neat, made of durable tempered glass, and their glass is covered with the AQUAPERLE polymer coating, which prevents scale and stains from forming. Pivot door shower enclosures are characterized by modern design and will go well with many design styles. They will complement traditional, minimalist and modern glam bathrooms.